Goodbye Dead Tree

 The tree that my neighbor killed is finally being taken out this coming week.  What a headache. There is no easy access to this tree so they virtually have to build a loading dock with a ramp to get to it and to bring the new trees in.  If he would have had a 5 minute conversation with us before he did the work on the other side of the fence, this all could have been avoided.  Oh well, neighbors!  It makes an already complicated situation that much worse.

 We had big storms last night and I got a pic of the front porch with the lights on when it got really cloudy. Click to enlarge.

 The storms rolled in bringing cold air behind them.

It feels like football weather this morning.  I almost went out and rolled in the grass.


Anonymous said…
It looks beautiful with those lights!

We have a very windy day here but with lots of sunshine and around 68F so it's quite nice :-)

Have a great day!

I would have made a nice cup of coffee and sat on that wonderful front porch of yours. I simply love your home. It reminds me of the movie Practical Magic. That is my favorite movie.
Linda said…
I love the lights on the front porch. The scene looks magical. My back neighbors are in a poisoning mood, but they poison my yard, too.
glad the dead tree will be out. the lights on the porch are beautiful.
Sol said…
Your house looks stunning! I love the windows in the roof. They look a little french style to me. And I loce sunflowers! Very pretty!
Jim said…
LOL! It's can admit that you did!!
Guillaume said…
Lovely pictures as usual.