I Have Trees

 I have trees!  Not quite a perfect replacement for the Silver Maple but these Thuja 'Wintergreen' can grow up to 2 ft. a year.  I couldn't keep the ramp.  Those boards were huge and I have absolutely nowhere to put them. The ramp was needed though because these trees are roughly 10 feet tall with huge root balls.  They weighed over 300 pounds each.  We were scheduled to have 10 trees planted but they could only fit 5 in the space they were able to dig out.

This type of arborvitae withstands cold winters, high winds and stays very green all winter long.
It actually makes the area around the outdoor oven and sink seem spacier.

So much better than this.
 Maybe next year I can grow a row of these sunflowers in front of the new trees.

 With a border of these marigolds to hang over the stone counter.

Teddy is happy to be 'workman free'.  The workers were happy because I made them a big lunch and baked them cookies.
Now I have to sort out where to put all of this stuff.  It's not going back to where it was. At least most of it isn't.


The JR said…
We just planted 5 of the same kind of tree beside our barn for a shade barrier.
Susan said…
I wonder how they would be as far as deer fodder? I will need to replace a row of dying pines and was thinking of a type of arborvitae - but have been warned that deer love them.
Connie said…
Your trees look so green and lush, like they have been there for years. So pretty :) That's what I call some great landscapers.
Have a happy day.
Connie :)
Rain said…
Very nice, and lucky workers to get to taste your cooking! :)
Guillaume said…
Your garden looks as big as a park.
your new trees fill in the spot nicely. lets hope the neighbor doesn't do anything to cause their demise. teddy looks happy indeed.