Thanksgiving Prep

 I know you think it is too early for this but I have so much to do between now and Thanksgiving, I am trying to get little details out of the way.  I bought two huge tables and lots of chairs to host this years dinner so I need more decorations than usual.  And since I make a lot of things by hand, I need to start early.  I found this wonderful amber glass squirrel container to hold butter.

 It's from France and still has the original sticker. A Vallerysthal Potieux piece.

 And I found this Villypuyt butter tray turkey top.  Now I just need to find a base.

 And I found 15 of these heavy copper napkin rings on ebay.  Someone else hosted large Thanksgiving gatherings too!

On another note, I am still making mirror chains.  I found this glass witch to use as a pendant for one.
 I also got this wonderful dragonfly too.

 I already have some glass beads to use that are in the same color scheme. I can't wait to make this one.

 I was surprised by a quick shower this morning.  We are hot, humid and the ground is dry.

We might get a bit of Fall weather this weekend.  I am looking forward to the break from the heat!


I applaud your early planning and how beautifully you do things.. I am trying to enjoy my summer days, even if some are too hot and others threaten us with storms. I love the flowers and greenery of this time of year and it always seems to go by too quickly.
Susan said…
I wish I could be so organized. But I am also grateful that I do not have to host Thanksgiving dinner for 15. I wouldn't know where to begin... You find the greatest things!
Linda said…
You have some great shops your way. I love the pictures of the freshly rained on stones.
Rain said…
I love that glass witch and the dragonfly!!! Beautiful! The napkin rings too. I'm already planning for Christmas, I don't think it's that early! :)
Guillaume said…
it is never too early to prepare for a great celebration. Although now is too early for Christmas.

LOVE the witch by the way.
love those copper napkin rings. very cool.
Anonymous said…
To be honest, we should all be much earlier to plan things than we are :-)

Nice copper napkin rings!

Have a great day!