The Last of the Fair

 One of the things I love best about going to these festivals is driving through the country to get there.

 Being a city girl that yearns to have a farm, I can't get enough of the scenery.  Right now there are corn fields and soy beans as far a the eye can see.

 And sunflowers.

 My daughter told me she knows she is going to end up living on a farm.  YAY!

 I bought this at my favorite booth at the fair. Click to read the small print.

 The Ukraine guy told me he translated this from his grandfather's favorite saying.

 I bought these morels which he carved out of resin.  If I place them in my garden maybe the  real ones will be attracted to them!

 A small morel keychain.  I love mushrooms in case you haven't guessed that already.

 We bought lots of local fruit.

 And all of these fairs sell candy coated nuts and brittles.  Some are maple coated. My husband loves these.

 Here is the beautiful basket I bought.  All of these baskets have heavy wooden bottoms.

 And a quilt.  I love red and white quilts.

I want to fill this basket with rolled up woolen throw blankets in Fall plaids and put it on my porch.


Both those mushroom t-shirts are hilarious! And I LOVE the design of the quilt!
Leanna said…
That quilt is so pretty. I love living in the country after living in the city for so long. It's quiet and friendlier than the city. Besides, you get to see the starry sky at night.
Anonymous said…
I really like that t-shirt :-) :-)

We rarely see corn in our fields here but more and more grow sunflowers now days.

Those candy covered nuts do look yummy :-)

Have a great day!

Teacats said…
Love all of your buys -- again -- thanks for supporting local fairs and artisans and farmers! We need more folks like you to support these fairs in all parts of the country (and city, too of course!)

Cheers! Jan at Rosemary Cottage

-an old crone who collects Ouija boards, satin comforters, brooms, wood bowls, old portraits, rugs, cast iron cauldrons and copper cauldrons ...... and a collection of plastic Halloween Cauldrons to use in the front garden for plants AND a large old plastic cauldron by the front door filled with brooms and garden implements .... :)
Rain said…
Those are some beautiful purchases, I love the mushroom-themed ones! I have to go out for groceries on Tuesday and I'm loading up on corn! I love it so much and it's all fresh now. Yay for your daughter! I hope to have my little hobby farm soon too! :)
Guillaume said…
Nothing says end of summer like sunflowers. I don't like to eat mushrooms (except in some rare cases), but love their association with the supernatural and autumn.
had to chuckle over the mushroom tee shirt saying all mushrooms are edible at least once. funny, indeed. pretty quilt and gorgeous basket too.
Susan said…
What a haul! It's difficult to find good fairs and craft gatherings around me. I would have to drive for hours - not that I'd mind, but I'm usually too busy playing catch-up on weekends! I love that quilt - love it!