The Tree Debacle Remedy

 I'm right in the middle of the tree debacle remedy.

 Look at this platform they needed to build to get the trees to where they will be planted. I wish I had the skills to build something like this.

 I think we should keep it and hook it to the back of our car so teddy can get in and out easily. Unfortunately, all of the money to build it will be wasted when they disassemble it after the trees are in today.

This is my loaner for a couple of days.  These guys are lucky I don't have a lot of acreage where I could have played with this when they were gone. I could have done some damage.


The JR said…
Keep the boards. Even if you take it apart. You can always find a use for them. I know we do.
Susan said…
Oh, heck, yeah! Keep that ramp or at least the boards! What type of tree(s) are you planting?
Connie said…
Construction people have lots of scrap wood that they just haul to the dump or burn, it's a shame, because there are so many projects that could be done with it. I grew up with the waste not want not attitude and wasting seems sinful. On the other hand; if you're not going to use it and it becomes piles of mess around your place that's a different story. I guess there has to be a balance in all things. I'm looking forward to seeing your new trees :) Sounds like you are in for an exciting day!
Keep smiling,
Connie :)
OOOoooooo Ahhhhhhh, a Bobcat. I can seriously see you stealing that for the day, running down the street laughing at the top of your lungs and asking neighbors if they need anything in their yards moved. Preferably earth. Hey, I'd be doing that for sure!
Given the choice of a new house or a Bobcat, my Retired Man would choose the Bobcat. I wouldn't mind taking a ride or two either.
Cottage Tails said…
Big job happening at your place. I bet they took the keys with them each night... just in case Joyce had an urge.. smile
That was ingenius. I'd keep it if I could.
Guillaume said…
I need to keep myself up to date with what is happening on your blog and in your life. Tree debacle sounds nasty and tragic.
Rain said…
Hi Joyce :) I would keep the ramp too. I remember doing a little damage when I rented a little bulldozer to move my cords of wood one year. I had no clue what I was doing and had to do the phone call of shame to ask the company to send someone over to remove the bulldozer from the tree it rammed into down the little hill towards the woods lol...took me a while to live that one down!