The Festival

 I just loved this old spinning wheel which I saw at the festival.

 There were lots of pelts for sale.

 Roasted turkey legs!

 And a proud turkey legs seller.

 A vintage copper bathtub.

 More theater.

 This woman had some interesting pieces.

 Painted gourds.

 Fall decorations.

More pelts.


Linda said…
Thar is another good festival. I love painted gourds.
Susan said…
I do love that copper bathtub! Now, that's my kind of bathroom fixture... It's a little hot and humid to get all excited by an overabundance of pelts... When is Autumn coming back?
I love that spinning wheel too.
Anonymous said…
I wouldn't mind having that copper bath tub!

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
Oh those gourds! I want them for Halloween.
Betty said…
It looks like so much fun and I really like the blue guord.
love the copper tub. and the gourds.
chickpea678 said…
I still think about a GORGEOUS copper tub I saw for sale in Belgium. Love those gourds!
Kay said…
What an amazing fairs. I do so miss going to them.