A Winnie Day

Each day Winnie learns something new.  It's hard to believe we have only had her for 3 weeks tomorrow.
After many, many day's of studying the stairs we had a breakthrough.

 The Blog Tech sat a few steps down from the landing, cheese in hand and coaxed the mini Winnie down. 

 She caught on quickly and was up and down all day yesterday.

 She found that if she sits halfway down the stairs, she can see out into her backyard.  Her world is expanding.

She had her second vet visit yesterday and kissed everyone that worked there including the vet.  She didn't even notice the shot she got.


Anonymous said…
I need and want a Winnie !!!!
NanaDiana said…
I think she has one of the cutest faces I have ever seen. She is just adorable. What a joy to have her in your family. xo Diana
Valerie said…
Oh, so sweet! What a joy to have around.
There's no stopping her now!
What a good girl. I think you struck it rich!....you and Winnie!
MaryO said…
What a little doll! I laughed out loud when I read Winnie was growling at the stairs! She is a treasure!
Anonymous said…
She's so cute :-)
They just need one try at the stairs and then they run up and down as if they've done it since they were born :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Susan said…
Once she's mastered the stairs, she can self-exercise! There will, also, be no holding her back. I do think you have yourself a gem.
The JR said…
I want some Winnnie kisses too :(

Happy weekend.
Three cheers for Winnie tacking the stairs. She's such a sweet cute little baby girl. Lucy gets scared when she has to go to the vet but once she realizes her favorite vet tech is there she's all kissy face with everyone there.
OMG! I just tapped on the first picture you have on Winnie Day and she actually looks like she's smiling. SO CUTE!!
Rain said…
Every day is a Winnie day :) She is just so cute and puffy! :) I had a pug who passed away in 2011, his name was Winston, and I often called him Winnie. I'm reminded of him with very VERY fond and fuzzy memories whenever I read your blog posts! :)
congrats to winnie tackling the stairs. nothings going to stop her now.
I'm so glad you have Winnie in your life! Thank you for sharing her with us.