Cookies and Kringles

 I have a photo of The Blog Tech and Santa for every Xmas for 34 years!  Santa doesn't look too jolly.

 This year I got one of he and his wife going down the slide from The Christmas Story.

 Winnie wants to visit Santa.

 I made up all of my cookie platters yesterday.

 Lots of people got them yesterday and some will get them today.

 I made Christmas Kringles for everyone too. It was a long day of baking.

I always think it is a nice gift to give something that can be eaten on Xmas morning after opening presents.


Anonymous said…
beautiful photos and yes, I think food gifts are the best at Christmas,, the minimalist in me likes not having to give people stuff to try and store or display,, food as gifts is great because you eat it , enjoy it and thats it!!
Winnie does need to visit Santa but I'm hard pressed to think of what she would ask for,, she has everything a dog could ever want and more! Merry Christmas my firend,,I truly treasure our friendship.Now go take care of that cold!!!
Your cookie platters look magnificent! Have a wonderful Christmas, Joyce!
Anonymous said…
I agree, food is usually the best present.

Today is the big day here and most kids have met the Yule gnome by now and we've all watched Donald Duck's Christmas show :-)

Have a Merry Christmas!

I think I overdid it while baking yesterday because my back gave out while I was making three carrot cake loaves. I swear to god it hurts like a mother.... I feel like I've been chopped in two at the lower waist.
Anywho, I still have to make the cream cheese icing today, four dozen chocolate chip raisin cookies, four dozen oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies, dip two dozen shortbreads in chocolate and finish the peanut butter cookie snacks for the puppies. Not to mention we are babysitting my step-daughters' boyfriends dog starting tomorrow morning. He has a back leg problem and he can't travel well up to Dallas on meds.
Long story short - could you clone yourself and fly down here to help me? I'll pay ya good in cookies and carrot cake.
Oh, BTW. I would love to see Winnie with Santa pictures.
Cottage Tails said…
The Blog tech is so wonderful - love the photo! My kids refused to continue this. SADLY.

Hope you all have a lovely day and we look forward to seeing what was under the tree for Winnie.
Valerie said…
Our Christmas tradition is to make pans of cinnamon rolls, ready to bake, and distribute them (with small container of icing) to friends on Christmas morning. We attach a card with cooking instructions.
Valerie said…
And, oh yes! Have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year!
NanaDiana said…
Lucky, lucky people to have you as a baking friend. lol
I did not do any baking this year---first time in 40+ year!!!
Wishing you a blessed Christmas season. xo Diana
Linda said…
Great picture! Is that your husband? I am two days behind, so I have to get busy.
great pics of the blog tech. winnie is her adorable self. that sounds like alot of baking for sure to yield yummy treats.