Cottage Progress

 After 5 long months, my daughter's cottage is almost completed on the inside.  I am going down there today to start to put her new kitchen together.  Winnie likes to chew on carrots.  The Blog Tech and his wife are taking her for an outing today to give us time to work on putting the cottage back together again.
That is, if they can get her out of her new bed!  Hopefully I will have some pics of the cottage to show tomorrow.  They still have a few things to finish on the inside and then they go full speed ahead to finish the siding.  The patio will probably have to wait until spring. Nothing like redoing old places.  The surprises you find are not always good ones!


Linda said…
My old house has surprises still, even now after living here since 1977. Did Blog Tech see the video I posted yesterday of a guy on all fours teaching his dog to climb downstairs? I just read yesterday's post because I was busy.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i saw the video and tried it this morning with the win! she ran away. i am going to show it to the blog tech so he can teach her! thanks for sending it!
Anonymous said…
That's a nice life, staying in the new bed eating carrots :-) Perhaps I should try it by buying a new bed :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Winnie looks just like a big cuddly stuffed toy!
Winnie is changing, growing into herself. Winnie will enjoy her outing with the Blog Tech and his wife. Looking forward to a tour.
Linda said…
Maybe if there was a carrot down the stairs, she would be motivated.
Winnie is adorable and she looks so comfy in her bed.
Dee said…
Winnie looks like she has settled in nicely. She is beautiful!
Guillaume said…
Happiness is a warm puppy.