Gingerbread Men

Run Run as fast as you can, you can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man.
I haven't made gingerbread men in years.

Now I remember why.  They are a pain in the butt!
 Little snow face seemed to love the smell.

 When she isn't on one of her never ending walks, she can play on the back porch in the snow.

 It's become a new favorite thing for Winnie.  She loves running in and out of the house.

 She's lucky her mama likes a cold house!
 She likes to eat snow too.


Leanna said…
I wish it would snow again here but it isn't going to happen. The right conditions are gone and it isn't cold enough for it. I got my first taste of gingerbread in Germany. Our neighbor made it every Christmas.
More Winnie TV. She is enjoying the heck of her puppyhood. Such a happy little face. David remarked how Lucy is getting more of a white face from her old age. It makes me sad to think about it.
They are very fussy to decorate, aren't they!
Anonymous said…
they are a bit tedious but worth it lol,, our Christmas tree wouldn't be complete with out them and our kids look for them evey year! That snowy face is beautiful!! You sure can't leave the door open here!! 20 below this morning and thats not with wind chill! Our kitchen would be full of snow drifts if we left the door open!!
Susan said…
I'm gearing up for our annual gingerbread man marathon this Saturday. I can't eat them anymore, but heaven forbid I don't show up! I have my own GF version which are 'close'. Winnie is probably the cutest puppy I have ever seen. Seems as those she is a happy, friendly girl - just what you need!
Linda said…
I love the broom by the back door. I have noticed it and thought--what a smart woman. Leave the broom where it is needed. I like a cold house, too. But, snow and the door open might see me in a coat indoors. It is cute she loves the snow.
Anonymous said…
We're having a snow fall here right now and they say we might get up to 6 inches by tomorrow. I wish I was like Winnie and liked snow :-) :-) She's cute as a bear cub :-)

Have a great day!

Rain said…
They sure are a pain, but yummy too! Every time I hear that rhyme I instantly think of Shrek lol...poor Gingerbread Man! Winnie is adorable!! :)
the gingerbread men look delicious. and little winnie is sweet as can be. i like to eat snow too.
Guillaume said…
I haven't made them in years either. I remember we did some when I was a child, but we stopped, I think because we preferred other desserts. What I like most about the gingerbread men, it's the tale of the one who does not want to be eaten.
I used to make Gingerbread men with the boys, but stopped when I realised I was ending up with all the work while they hopped out with friends :) They prefer other cakes now.
My old dog prefers cuddling in front of the fireplace - snow is definitely not her thing. Winnie is a sweet girl.