Happy New Year's Eve

 Winnie is ready for 2018, are you?

She is wondering what all of the cooking and baking is for?  She will find out tomorrow. Tonight she will hear her first fireworks.  Will she be a city puppy or shiver and shake?  We will find out tonight.  Everyday she has new experiences and things to learn.  Life is very exciting for a little puppy.


Hope Winnie does well with the fireworks, her world is expanding
Linda said…
You can make her noise proof. Use a cap gun when she eats. She will relate food to noise or vice versa. There is more to it, but a cap gun is the start. I am sure you can figure it out. A friend on her blog explained it.
If she get's upset, give her love because she' will be running around scared and looking for you or her papa. Try the cap gun idea later but don't do it during her dinner time. Do it when she isn't doing something she loves. otherwise, she will shy away. But why am I saying all this? You are more than smart enough to know what to do for her.
Y'all have a great party. Happy New Year, darlin.
Anonymous said…
I hope she just don't care about the fireworks!

Have a good end of this year and a good new one!

wisps of words said…
You must be better, if you are cooking for the party!

Have a lovely time!

Best wishes to Winnie, for her first fireworks.

Happy New Year's Eve!
Rain said…
What a sweetie! I hope she is okay with the noise!!! We give Marlene a little passionflower tincture when we know bad weather is coming and it seems to help. I hope you have a great night tonight and a wonderful party! Happy New Year!!! xxx
Valerie said…
Many blessings for you and yours for the new year! I enjoy your posts so much, even though I don't comment frequently (rushing off to work!). Smooches to Winnie!
Susan said…
And she adds so much to our lives, too!
NanaDiana said…
Happy New Year to Winnie and to you, too! I hope the year is a wonderful one for you- xo Diana