Holiday Preparations

 We are down to the line with Xmas preparations.  My daughter sent me this pic of her tree last night.  Good job daughter!

 I am having an open house on New Year's Day so I've started making condiments for my charcuterie platter.  I made some pineapple and mango chutney.

 Winnie's favorite place to nap.

 I made pickled grapes too.  I've made pickled green beans, pickled red onions, truffle mustard and compound butter. Slowly it is coming together.

 Julie Chow is my constant companion.

 She watches every move.

 I gave her a green bean to chew on!


laurie said…
the tree looks beautiful! Pickled grapes,, now thats a new one to me,,
I have never heard of pickled grapes. Wondering what they taste like. hmmm...
I must admit that I've never even heard about pickled grapes! It sort of sounds both delicious and gross at the same time :-) :-) :-)

I'm almost finished with the ham, all I need to do now is to grill it with the mustard, egg and breadcrumb mix and I'll do that tomorrow morning.

Have a great day!

Rain said…
Joyce, I'm such a fool for dogs...I giggle at every photo of Winnie, I love the Winnie posts! Enjoy your Christmas prep, I hope you don't get too overwhelmed!! Merry Christmas!!! :)
Linda said…
Even though I cannot eat pickled grapes, I do make things for others. Do you have a recipe for this? Julie?
your daughters tree is charming. that green bean looks mighty tasty.
Mystica said…
Iv e never had pickled fruits or veggies. Sounds intriguing.
Have a wonderful Christmas.
Heritage Hall said…
For all you do and all you share, may you have
a relaxing and most blessed Christmastide ....