In and Out, In and Out

Winnie is looking for her Dada to take her out to play in the snow.
 This happens about 5 times each morning.  She has a lot of energy to burn off.

 She loves the snow.

 She puts her head in it and goes through it like a snow plow.

This is her "am I cute enough to get a treat" look.  It usually works.
I've set up her travel kennel so she has a safe place to escape to during Monday's party.  There will be many feet for a little puppy to avoid so she needs somewhere to get out of the way.


NanaDiana said…
She loves the snow and I LOVE that face!!!!
Happy New Year with your sweet pup! xo Diana
Yes, she does have a face cute enough to get a treat and a pat and a hug and most anything else she wants! Am glad she has an escape kennel for the New Year's party--she may need a nap before the New Year's Eve Ball, note or corn of ear drops.
Anonymous said…
well she's captured my heart thats for sure!
Oh what fun visiting your blog is....The Winnie Show is just the best!! Have a delightful New Years party. What a difference having Winnie has made in your social life!!!
Anonymous said…
Winnie would have loved it here today, lots of snow has fallen during a few hours and I guess it'll last until tomorrow morning when it gets warmer again.

Have a great day!

That little face with snowflakes is priceless. She has just too much cuteness for one little puppy. She should be illegal. Little cuteness hoarder.
Connie said…
Oh, every time I sit down and get comfortable, Butchy wants to go outside. It's almost like he waits until I'm all cozy and comfy. He's such a little guy with a belly that brushes the snow, that I can't leave him out for very long at a time. I know he's longing for warm weather when he can lay in the grass under a shade tree and watch for cats to chase.
Cottage Tails said…
Winnie is soo perfect in every way.
Guillaume said…
Our cat Domino is the same.
Rain said…
No matter how bratty or what crime they have committed...they are still cute enough to get a treat lol...she's so sweet. All that hair!!! I could use some of that these days, brrrr...too cold out!
cute how you describe winnie plowing through the snow with her nose. what a sweetiepie.