More Room to Play

 Yesterday I blocked off the steps on the back porch and opened the TV room door so Winnie could play outside on the porch and be safe. 

 When she walked out, her eyes got very big when she saw her new area.

 She played out there for hours.

 Right now, she is very content playing in the house most of the time.  I can't wait to see how her colors change.  I've always had cream chows so this is a new experience for me.  She is house broken too and is still sleeping 10 straight hours through the night.  I bought a kennel/nightstand which is right next to my bed and at bedtime, she goes in and goes strait to sleep.  Such a good girl.

I've even managed to get some cooking and decorating done.  I made my hot chocolate and marshmallows yesterday.
I filled up a container of chocolates in a Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas jar for my husband.
 And tuned on my winter wonderland scene.  I love these framed prints that light up.

 My star greets me in the pitch dark of early morning. Today we finally get our tree.  December 3 and I don't have a tree up and decorated....unheard of!  Haha...puppies come first.

 Here is the puppy surprise for today.  This door opens from the kitchen to the back porch Winnie was on yesterday.

 Here is the door that leads to it from the TV room.

This is where you can go from the porch back into the kitchen.  Winnie just found out that she can basically run a circle around the first floor, part of which is outside.  My house planning pays off!


Linda said…
I thought it would be too cold where you live to leave doors open. In my house there is a space like that where my children could run from kitchen to dining room to den and back to the kitchen...puppies and children will find the fun places.
Anonymous said…
she's grown in just a week hasn't she lol,, you have certain won the lottery with this pup, what a treasure.
carol pavlik said…
Your posts are very enticing for me. We have three dogs but now I want a puppy.
Anonymous said…
No tree yet :-) :-) I haven't even started to think of any kind of decorations yet :-)

It is great that she cam be outside without You having to worry she might hurt herself and it's perfect that she can run around like that :-)

Have a great day!

I bet she was thinking, "wow, what is this place?" She's going to be so perplexed when she sees her first snow. Such a sweet little teddy bear face.
Wait until Winnie sees a fully decorated Xmas tree! Or will she ignore such things? Time will tell.
Cheapchick said…
What a beautiful puppy she is, so glad you found the right one
StrictlyMystic said…
I look forward every day to reading about the adventures of Winnie! Such a little sweetie. BTW...your wall phone is great. I kept one corded phone also but it's a desk model. They are becoming conversation pieces.
1st Man said…
Luckiest. Dog. Ever.

And quite possibly the cutest!!
Guillaume said…
Good to have lots of room.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
ha! that's not a wall's an intercom which is also very outdated!
MaryO said…
Loving the Winnie adventures! She is such a sweetie!
Karin Vail said…
It is so great that she is so well behaved and potty trained! Such an important thing for breeders to do in my opinion! You know the breeders that keep the puppies long enough to learn from momma - those are the BEST breeders! I am betting she was well over 8 weeks when you got her?
winnie is one lucky pup getting to go outside and play, then casually meander back inside.
Megs said…
Winnie should have her own blog or Instagram. She is such a sweetie!