Morning Playtime

I have very busy mornings with this little bundle of joy!  She is like a whirling dervish at 5:30 am.
 She found a big stick and drags it everywhere.

 She runs up and down the hall like it's an olympic sport.

 And she is in and out the back door about a million times.  Having a puppy is so much fun!


MaryO said…
A perfect day!!! Love Winnie!
Sounds like she keeps you on your toes!
Susan said…
Especially a bundle of adorable fluff puppy! I always feel better after I've read a Winnie post.
She is about the cutest thing I have ever seen....and I live in a world of cuteness!!!!
Merry Christmas to Winnie and her lovely family!!
Heritage Hall said…
Just look at Pictures 1 & 3 exposures... Winnie is a winner...
Still smiling minutes later.
She found a stick. Thank god it wasn't the Christmas tree. What is it with puppies and hallways? Lucy was the same way when she was a puppy. Well, yeah, she still is. Except now we have a new rug and she likes to run and stop suddenly on the rug and she slides. Sometimes the rug will end up in the bedroom when David and I come back from an outing.
Anonymous said…
Ah the joy of sticks :-) :-) Not every stick is a good one and only the special ones are brought back home :-)

Have a great day!

a good stick is hard to find. winnie is an olympian running back and forth like that.