Salisbury Steak

 Part of Winnie's morning ritual is a full body massage.

 Yesterday I made salisbury steak.  This is an old fashioned recipe but it sure is a good one.  My kids love it.
 You can find the whole recipe here:

 It has a rich onion gravy.

 This recipe makes about a dozen steaks.

I served it over mashed potatoes.

With cuteness for dessert!


Linda said…
I could eat that right now for breakfast!
Susan said…
What I wouldn't give for a full body massage every morning....guess I'll have to hope my next life is as an adorable, fluffy puppy. Salisbury Steak was one of our family's all-time favorite recipes. I'm with Linda - perfect breakfast or anytime food!
Theresa Young said…
Oh boy, that Salisbury steak looks so good. I have to admit I went to your recipe post and will be trying it this weekend. Miss Winnie is just too much and she really seems to love the camera.
It's a good thing Winnie has full-time, live-in staff to attend to her every need! I'm jealous!
"With cuteness for dessert!" That is so right. I bet that cuteness is so sweet you'd need insulin. Giving that little princess a massage is perfect. It's great to start them off early and it will help her to have less pain in her old age. She really looks like she loves it.
My mom taught me to make Salisbury steak but it was never like yours. I like your recipe for it much better. I do incorporate one thing though. I put half lean ground beef and half ground pork. It tastes amazing.
You are so in love and I totally understand. A puppy brings so much joy into a home.
what a lucky pup getting a ritual full body massage each morning. the salisbury steak looks delicious.
Kay said…
Oh my! Yummy and then cute. How much more perfect can you get?
Guillaume said…
I think I used to have that as a kid. I think. I don't know much about Salisbury steak, but it looks delicious. I just love the name for some reason.
1st Man said…
A daily full body massage and salisbury steak for dinner, sounds like heaven to me!!!
Janice Hebert said…
In your photo today you have an egg or two in the bowl with the meat for the Salisbury steak but in your recipe there is no egg? Either way it looks delicious and I can't wait to try your version. We've been making Salisbury steak more often but with a mushroom gravy - I love the onion gravy idea! Yum!

Jim said…
I know what we are having this weekend!! Thanks, Joyce!
SO good to massage pups at this age. Sophie LOVES them now 11 years later!!