Silly Winnie

Winnie had her first taste of cottage cheese yesterday.  Since I am making her food, she needs some added dairy.  Guess what?  She liked it!  You can see the leftovers on her lower lip.
 She also loves carrots.

 She eats a carrot every day.

 She plays with them too.

 The lovefest with The Blg Tech continues.

 I managed to make more cookies.

 What a cute little cottage cheese mouth.

She sure is growing.


Valerie said…
Such a love! Our dogs get carrots regularly, as well as broccoli and cauliflower when we're cooking for us.
Yes, I can see her growing by leaps and bounds!
Anonymous said…
she is so cute and you know,,, I think she's getting lighter in color, am I imagining that?
Linda said…
Does she always lie down to eat her carrots? Cute pictures.
Kay said…
Awww... gee, she is absolutely adorable!
Anonymous said…
She's growing fast! Still just as cute though :-)

I think Albin might be allergic to cheese so no more cheese bits for any of the dogs here.I'll have to make chicken jerky again so he at least can have something.

Have a great day!

She is just way too cute!! Ahhh, the Blog Tech attacketh. Looks like Winnie was being tickled. She has such a funny smile.
MaryO said…
So sweet! She is a hunk of puppy love!
cottage cheese sounds yummy. and that carrot is scrumptious i'm sure. winnie is precious indeed, growing by leaps and bounds.
NanaDiana said…
Honestly---I think she has the cutest face I have ever seen on a pup (sorry all you other dog owners)
I would send her All my cottage cheese as it is not a favorite of mine. xo Diana
1st Man said…
I swear that is quite possibly the cutest puppy I've ever seen. LOVE!!!!!!!!!
My dog loves fruit and vegetables and enjoys a taster when we are preparing food.
Winnie is a real cutie.