The Cottage Redo

 My little football fan!

 This was the old cottage kitchen.

Here it is now.
 The old bathroom.

The new one.
 The old bath.

How it looks now.  This is the same tub and tile.  We use a ceramic company that sprays a new finish over any old tile you want to cover.  We have used them many times for many projects and we have always been very pleased with the job they do.
 The new laundry area.  I had my workers build these butcher block shelves held together with pipe fittings.

 From the laundry into the kitchen.  I removed the old closet under the stairs and added more shelves and a butcher block counter to hold mixers and pasta makers, etc..

 The furnace is behind these new louvered doors.

 A new washer and dryer. I ripped out the old floor and added this white washed wood grain tile that looks like bleached wood planks.

 We decided to replace the old stairs which were in bad shape.  What a difference.

 We preserved the old brick chimney and added butcher block shelves inside it.  They hold the TV and microwave.

 I made sure to get the best stove I could fit into this place for The Chef.  He is thrilled with it.  I also put a pot filler over it for him which also made him very happy.

 We bought all new plates and glasses at Ikea.  We kept them neat and simple so they could be displayed in the open shelves, giving them more room in cabinets for things that can't be displayed.

 We made room for a dishwasher too. There wasn't one before.  This makes my daughter very happy.

 I added lucite and stainless bar stools.  These blend in well and keep the lines of the room crisp and clean.

I stained all of the wood to match the plantation shutters. I also removed the ceiling to expose the joists to give the room more height and I added track lighting on dimmers to brighten the room.
There are still little things which need to be finished but they can finally move back in today.  It took 5 months to get to this point.  We found dirt, as in no foundation, under the kitchen floor.  There were live wires embedded in the walls. There was ancient termite damage under the stairs which called for the walls to be reinforced.  Fun little surprises at every turn.  Now they start on the outside.  I will update that when progress is made.


Dayum!! This is so awesome! What a total 100% improvement. I love that kitchen and the flooring is absolutely beautiful. Everything is so crisp and clean looking.
Winnie looks so cute. Have you noticed how dogs sit now? They are sitting on their butts with their legs stretched out. I've noticed this trend with them. Wait, is that a Steelers jersey?
It is just gorgeous! Your daughter and the chef will be very happy there, I'm sure!
Anonymous said…

Have a great day!

Cottage Tails said…
some scary findings!
Looks really lovely. Bet they are going to be real happy with it.
Linda said…
I did not know tile could be covered! That is good to know. The whole place just shines. I love white walls because the rooms have so much light. We found long ago termite damage in this house, too.

Dishwashers are wonderful. The older I get, the more utility I see in a pot filler. You did a great job with all the shelving.
Wow, what beautiful, modern updates. It all looks terrific.
Dee said…
Great job! It is beautiful.
awesome redo. love what you've done with the place.