The Tree is Up

Winnie is very excited about her first Xmas tree.  We finally got it up and decorated.
 I've even been squeezing in some baking.

 I went 'winter wonderland' this year.  It's not my favorite tree or mantel I've ever done but at least it is done!

 This might be the only room that gets decorated this year.

I have to find my tree skirts.  Winnie likes to lay under this table even more now that it has decorations on it.  She is a den puppy.  She likes little enclosed places.


Susan said…
Who needs a lot of decorations - you have Winnie!! As always, your home and holiday spirit is beautiful and uplifting!
I think Christmas is the prettiest time of the year. Spring with its flowers takes a dim second. Winnie is so cute. You should have a separate blog account just about her. You would have so many puppy lovers. Such a beautiful tree!
Linda said…
When I saw the title of the post, I wondered if there would be Winnie pictures. Silly me! I understand why she likes lying under the table more now. it is cozier for her. Pretty tree and decorations.
laurie said…
what a curious little face she has,,such a sweet heart,, your home looks amazing and those cookies look perfect!! I knew they would turn out they always are a winner,,
It might not be Your favorite tree but it is so beautiful!

Winnie is so cute and a face like that is impossible not to love :-)

Have a great day!

your tree is beautiful. and winnie is a sweetheart.
Cottage Tails said…
Looks beautiful. Louie is scared of Christmas lights he barks at them LOL
Chowz Creations said…
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Chowz Creations said…
Okay, I'm not going to lie. I used to really enjoy your cooking/baking/crafting/traveling posts, but I pretty much bypass everything now and head straight for Winnie. =)

Congratulations! I am SO excited for you. She is GORGEOUS. Seems like a sweet, well adjusted girl. I don't know how you get anything else done, I'd be totally distracted and centered on Winnie. Please cuddle her for me. It's been many years since I had access to a baby Chowderpuff.

I do go back and read the non-Winnie parts of your posts, after I've had my fill of her wonderfulness. Everything pales in comparison to her though. Again, congratulations.
Rain said…
Hi Joyce! Hurray you got your tree up! :) Ours is up too, we went out and finally got it yesterday. Ours is all red, but your blue and white is really pretty! I love your room!!! Winnie is so adorable! :)
Nancy said…
Your home is beautifully decorated, warm and comforting and it seems Miss WInniw feels the same. She seems quite comfortable and I am so glad for all of you. Merry Christmas.
Karin Vail said…
My Lucy is a den puppy too - all 114# of her! (St.Bernard) She crawls on her side UNDER our bed at night still!!! Such a silly girl.