Nothing gets Winnie's attention like the word "treats".

I make her these treats by mixing whole wheat flour with oats, cheddar cheese, eggs, parsley and grated carrots. I cut them in strips and bake them until they are hard.

 When I give her one she runs down the hall and throws it in the air with utter abandon.  Then she hops around it, diving at it multiple times before actually settling down and eating it.

 She gets a little "treat crazy".


I think I'd go a little treat crazy for those too!
MaryO said…
Wow. I so want to be your dog in my next life!😁
It's called the treat dance. Lucy does it when I give her the peanut butter cookie dog treats. I make them bite-sized. But there are always crumbs. She's a messy eater.
Anonymous said…
I wish my dogs were that cute when they get treats :-) I am happy that I still have all fingers left :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Linda said…
I have an image in my head of her dance of the treats.
I have been known to go a little treat crazy myself. Winnie is growing and changing.
Lucky Winnie. If you ever feel like it, could you write up the recipe? Our old Stella had to operate out several teeth and I am looking for treats that will be kind to her mouth. And healthy.
Happy holidays to you, your family and lovely Wiinie, enjoy her antics :)
jaz@octoberfarm said…
I need to make more treats next week so I will show the recipe!
i like that. treat crazy. good for winnie appreciating your hard work on her behalf.