UP Pasties

 I gave up and gave Winnie a pair of my slippers.

Chows aren't much of chewers but she is teething so she is chewing a bit.
 I made my kids pasties for dinner yesterday.

 And a big pot of rich gravy.

 I made a cheddar crust for the pasties (paas-tees).

 And I roasted them some balsamic, garlic carrots.  You can find the pasty and gravy recipes by typing them into my search bar.

I have another Julia Chow.  Winnie loves to just sit and watch me cook.  When I tell her it's time to cook she runs to the kitchen and sits by the stove.


Mmmm, that whole dinner looks delicious!
Linda said…
That's cute that she knows where to go already.
Anonymous said…
JUlia Chow lol,, that's cute!!! Looks so good,, makes me hungry!! Those carrots look so good,,
OMG! Lucy does the same thing when I tell her it's time to make dinner. She's my taste tester. I swear Winnie looks like a cute cuddly little bear. That little inquisitive face is just so cute!
Susan said…
My college roommate was from the Upper Peninsula (Finnish) and would come back to school with bags of pasties. It was heaven! Little Winnie knows the best place to be is where you are. Adorable little darling, that she is.
my hubby's favorite meal. he loves pasties. winnie looks so cute.
Anonymous said…
I've sacrificed a few slippers in my days too :-) Thankfully most of my dogs haven't been chewers either.

I guess lots of us gladly would sit in Your kitchen when You're cooking, the smells must be heavenly! I would prefer a chair though because I doubt I would get up from the floor again :-.) :-) :-)

Have a great day!

MaryO said…
You can see the "smarts" in that sweet dogs face. I'm sure she's memorizing the recipes!

Your dinner sounds extremely yummy!

San Pedro, CA
Rain said…
Awww...she's so cute. We have a pile of old slippers and shoes for the dogs to destroy, they somehow know that they can only touch THAT pile! Bones (supervised) for half an hour a day helps with their energy levels. Imagine all five dogs in the kitchen when I'm cooking...they love it and hope for fallout lol!
That Winnie is a winner, she is winning hearts and friends from all over the US. Reading about her and watching her learn and adapt to her new home brings joy to everyone who has been lucky enough to have a fur baby in their life.
Mystica said…
And waiting for any scraps that fall probably. Gorgeous fellow.
Karin Vail said…
when we lived in Montana, they had pasties in stores there. Moved back to WA and no pasties to be seen - have to make our own. When I do make them, I make lots and put them in the freezer. Mmmm, time to make pasties! I have never tried cheese crust, this I must try!