Uzbekian Food

 Winnie is still squeezing in under my glass coffee table to nap.  It's hysterical to watch her squeeze her chubby little body under there.

 I still have the flu and am so sick I can't cook.  We ordered take out Uzbekian food for dinner last night.  Just in case you have no idea what kind of food is eaten in Uzbekistan, now you know.  The is traditional Uzbek Palov,  rice covered in slowly cooked beef, carrots and spices.  It was meh!

 This is Lagman which is noodles with vegetables, chicken and Asian spices.  It was better than the palov.

 Chuchvara on the left are small, boiled, beef filled dumpling which are very good.   On the right are crepes filled with mashed potatoes and mushrooms. Uzbekian food is sort of a combination of Russian and Chinese.  What I really needed was some good chicken soup.

We have a temperature of 1 degree here this morning.  Winnie has smartly taken to her bed.  I wish I could do the same!


Anonymous said…
you need to make some chicken soup from the chicken you cooked Winnie!!! I googled the food you had last night, you knew I would lol,, it sounds really good!! If I was closer I would come and make you soup,,
Linda said…
Somehow, I missed that you had the flu. Maybe it is because I was ill with flu and then recovering. For two weeks, nothing tasted right. Bottled water of several brands and water from my faucet tasted awful as did ginger ale and Coke. Food was just not right, even food I cooked, but, more so, food I did not cook. Maybe the flu and aftermath colored your decision on the food. Chocolate tasted good. I do hope you get better soon.
Guillaume said…
It's minus 23 Celsius outside here. I've once met a guy from Uzbekistan, back when I started my Master degree in the U.K.
You need to have someone make you some homemade chicken broth with love, and some carrots and onions and a couple of garlic cloves. Yeah, something to fight that nasty flu.
Anonymous said…
So the flu is still with You! I do hope it goes away soon! You must rest no matter what You think You have to do :-)

I wonder for how much longer Winnie can squeeze herself under that table :-) :-) She has grown a lot now!

Never heard about Uzbekian food and I doubt one can find any restaurant in this country who sells it :-)

Have a good continuing of Yule and do take care of Your self!

Hope you are feeling better--take out food is a hit and miss affair. Very cold here (TN). Not sure how Winnie is squeezing herself under the table--hope she doesn't get stuck.
Theresa Young said…
Winnie looks like she will soon outgrow that bed. Hope you feel better soon. They say the flu this year is a real bear.
Megs said…
Hope you feel better soon! The flu is no fun!
you need to take winnies advice and take to your bed. flu is no fun. it won't go away unless you help it along.
ps. stay warm. it's 5 below zero here.