Winnie Loves The Blog Tech

Yesterday I made empire biscuits.
 This has been The Blog Tech's job for years.....he cuts up the decorations for them.

 But first he had to smooch with Winnie.

 If you look closely, you can see the black tongue...Winnie's; not The Blog Tech's.  It's hard to see details on her black velvet muzzle.  This should fade during her first year.  I can't wait to see what her color will end up looking like.  It should be totally different than how she looks now.

 Winnie loves her boy!

 This cookie is always a favorite on my cookie platters.

 They are easy and fun to make too.

 You can find the recipe by typing empire biscuits into my search bar.

 Mini Winnie got a new kitchen bed.  I had to keep dragging the other one back and forth.  Teddy never slept on a bed once.  Winnie is a bed head.  She loves to snuggle down in them.

 We are all going to have such a great Xmas this year with her.

Not necessarily Santa though. 
He might not make it until Xmas!


MaryO said…
Beyond adorable...both Winnie and Blog Tech together. The cookies look scrumptious!
NanaDiana said…
I just LOVE your sweet Winnie. I could kiss that little face off.

Going to look for the Empire cookies- I have never heard of them. They make a really pretty presentation!!! xo Diana
It's Winnie! She has so much love for your son. Cute little squishy face, Winnie, not the Blog Tech.

I need to make more cookies today. David has been taking bunches of them to work almost every day. I was thinking of making empire cookies but I couldn't remember what they were called. I was daydreaming in my head all day yesterday about how to make them again. When I saw the picture on my blog crawl I knew you had them and the recipe. Thank you so much!
Who DOESN'T love the Blog Tech?
Winnie and the Blog Tech have a special relationship--he is her big brother, her mentor, her teacher and she has him wrapped around her little finger! Winnie will remember the Blog Tech taught her how to master the stairs and the Blog Tech will remember his special mornings with mini Winnie
Rain said…
Aww, poor Santa! :) Winnie and the Blog Tech are adorable...very cute cookies!
winnie and the blog tech are perfect for one another. those cookies look divine.