Winnie Settles In

Winnie has settled in to her new home perfectly.   She loves to lay right here and watch me cook.    
 Sometimes she dozes off.  Is this a comfortable puppy or what?

 She won't go down the steps yet but I expect that to change soon.  For now she sits at the top and looks down.

 She loves The Blog Tech.

 He comes over each morning for a little lovin' before he leaves for work.  She makes sure she gives it to him.

 She got a new bed yesterday.

 She settled right into it.

 She also loves her homemade food.

This puppy has a tough life!


Valerie said…
Oh, so sweet!I love the puppy updates.
Anonymous said…
that photo of the Blog tech and Winnie is priceless!!!
MaryO said…
Wonderful post! So sweet!
OH MY GAWD!! You treat that poor little girl with such tough love. You should be ashamed! AAahahahaaahahahaaa! She even has her name on her bed. SO CUTE!!! You need to take a picture from the bottom looking at the top of the steps of her with that Santa doll in her mouth. I bet she would look adorable. She is just too cute!!
Did you get any snow yet?
Susan said…
She seems like the perfect puppy mix for your family - I bet she's great with kids, too.... :)
Anonymous said…
Oh those awful steps :-) and after they've figured out that it's quite easy to walk they'll run up and down all the time :-) :-)

I can understand that the Blog tech comes every morning :-)

Have a great day!

love the blog tech with winnie. that bed of hers is sweet.
Oh she's so adorable!! What a face!!
love her....
Ha ha, looks like she's smothering the Blog Tech with luuuuuuuuuuv!
Barb said…
I am loving the Winnie posts! She is such a doll.
Linda said…
Watch this video where a guy gets down and models the behavior for the dog. I saw this yesterday before I saw your post.

I also google--you tube man shows dog how to go down stairs

Hobbes is in the title of the video. I hope you get a video of Blog Tech teaching him.
Guillaume said…
She made herself at home.
Rue said…
The cuteness is astonishing. She is the most wonderful muppet! I'm happy to hear she has settled in so well (who wouldn't, in your home)!