Winnie's First Christmas Tree

 A big tree farm and a very little puppy!

 Lots of photos were taken.

 Winnie loves cameras much unlike her mama!

 The Blog Tech and his wife found a nice tree for themselves.

I found a giant one for Winnie.
 The Blog Tech and his dad had quite the time cutting it down.

Winnie got 2 ticks.  I'm not sure how many The Blog Tech got.  Another trip to the vet today.  For Winnie, not the BT.


Anonymous said…
Winnie stands out everywhere she goes,, she is a star lol,,,
NanaDiana said…
OMGOSH-She is just adorable! I want to snuggle her and kiss that little face! xo Diana
Her first fun outing and she picks up 2 bloodsuckers. EWWWWW! I'm pretty sure she enjoyed herself. She's just so damned cute.
winnie is bigger than life wherever she goes. hope the vet gets those pesky ticks.
Susan said…
No matter what you do and where you (and Winnie) go, there are ticks. They are so awful! Looks like she has fit right into the family with no effort at all, cutie pie.
Rain said…
You're such a proud Mum Joyce :) I'm so happy for you! Oh ick, ticks. We really don't have them in this area thankfully. Maybe Blog Tech should wear a tick collar? ;)
Kay said…
Oh my gosh! She is just the cutest little dog.