Winnie's First Snow

 Winnie has not mastered going down steps yet.  She sits and stares at them and occasionally growls at them too.

 We got a little snow yesterday so she had her first experience with it.  Being a typical chow chow, she loved it.   My kind of girl.

 It's good to see puppy prints on the patio again.

 She is a sloppy little drinker.

 Every time she gets a drink, her face and the floor are covered in water.

 She was groomed yesterday for the first time. We won't be going back to that groomer.  The grooming experience went okay but they sprayed her with the stinkiest perfume and I can't get rid of the smell.  I'm extremely sensitive to smells so this is killing me.  I can't even imagine what she thinks of it.

She found the whole experience exhausting.


Dee said…
She is so cute and I know you are enjoying her. Love that she growls at the steps!
laurie said…
oh my gosh when you said it was good to see puppy prints on the patio again it made my heart squeeze a little, poor Teddy,, you must miss her but what a little doll you have,, to see her looking down at the stairs is adorable,,
So many "firsts" for little Winnie!
Linda said…
UGH, scents bother me, too. Maybe you will have to wash her in tomato juice. So, she likes snow. Good for her. I suppose with all her fur she is impervious to snow or water on her face.
Winnie is precious, but you know that. Puppy prints in the snow made me smile and brought back memories.
Awwwwwww, The Winnie Channel is back on. It's all Winnie all the time every day. Tiny puppy prints, it's so precious. I bet when the snow comes back and it's deeper she's going to go crazy in it. When did a puppy not get water all over themselves and the kitchen floor? It's all part of being a puppy.
I hated when they'd spray that nasty "smell me nice" crap on Lucy and Spunky. I would ask them not to do it and they would continue to spray, so I groom them myself now.
Rain said…
She's so cute Joyce! Oh, some of our dogs have "drinking problems" too lol...I'm constantly wiping up drips and drops by the water bowl. I'm so happy that she loved her first snowfall! :)
I am having such a good time seeing all of Winnie's "firsts"! I know you hare having such a wonderful time. It's so much fun to "fall in love" with our fur babies!! May you all enjoy the merriest of Christmases. Your house always looks beautiful.
MaryO said…
What a great post! Darling Winnie! My first "check" of the morning is Octoberfarm to find out what's new in Winnie's world!

UGH..... I'm extremely sensative to smells.... I would definitely find another groomer.

Thanks for the great post.

San Pedro, CA
poor winnie smothered by a fragrance neither of you likes. her pawprints in the snow are adorable.
Barb said…
She is so cute looking at those steps. Poor Winnie with the nasty spray!!
PAK said…
I asked my groomer not to spray anything on my dogs. Problem solved.
Nancy said…
I cannot imagine why groomers do that. Maybe Nature's Miracle would help remove the odor. Otherwise, maybe things used for skunk spray, like vinegar or lemon juice? Fels Naphtha soap? Poor baby. I cannot imagine what she thinks of it and, having chemical sensitivity disorder myself, I can only sympathize with your having to endure it. Years ago, after a doggie accident, someone recommended Vinegar of Forty Thieves to remove just about every odor. The "recipe" is readily available on the internet. Good luck. I am sorry this happened. It is wonderful to see puppy prints in the snow and I love that she growls at the steps. Too cute. Could she be enticed down with treats? Thanks for sharing her with all of us. Not having a dog, I am especially grateful to see a puppy growing up. Merry Christmas to you and yours.