A Boy and His Pup

 Okay....so the boy is a man but the pup is still a pup.

 A polka dotted pup thanks to intense winter sun.

 The daily lovefest is one of Winnie's favorite things.

 As is her playtime in the snowpen.

It's so sad it will all melt this weekend.  Little does she know that this snow is rather unusual for us these days.  She has had a lot of snow since she's been here.  Who knows when the next time will be when she will see snow again.


She is such a sweet baby girl. love the pictures of her in the snow.
Megs said…
Love the title! Winnie may lose the snow, but she’ll love wandering your wonderful garden, and the water features.
Anonymous said…
wow she's really growing!! I wish snow got me as excited as Winnie is , sadly, the old saying,,,too much of a good thing is bad and we have toooooo much snow !!
Susan said…
Two cuties for sure. In the last photo, Winnie looks like a Tibetan Lion Bear Cub. She's amazing!
MaryO said…
Such sweet pics of Blog Tech and his puppy love. Too adorable!
Anonymous said…
Snow has become rather unusual up here in the north too now days. Sune loves it but the two others not so much :-) :-)

Have a great day!

winnie will love exploring your gardens this spring when all the snow has melted. her and the blog tech are perfect buddies.