A Busy Day

 No post yesterday, I had a very busy day.  I made breakfast for The Blog Tech and his wife. A kale frittata and bacon.

 I made my first jam of 2018.  We had a warm spell and it put me in a Spring mood.

 I made biscuits to go with it.

 Nothing quite like fresh, warm biscuits with clotted cream and homemade strawberry jam.

 The daily Blog Tech visit is always exciting.

It was the Chef's birthday and my daughter made him lasagna so I made ciabatta to make garlic bread to go along with it.
And then I made him a German chocolate cake.


That cake is beautiful!! I love German Chocolate Cake.
laurie said…
well it all looks wonderful and the smell of the jam cooking and cake baking and the garlic bread would be heaven for sure!!!!Your cake looks wonderful,,
Susan said…
My birthday is in January, nudge, nudge, hint, hint.
1st Man said…
One word: YUMMY!!!!!!!!
Linda said…
Yum! Bacon. Right now, I am too sick to cook. Bring me some, please. Remember how we are such good friends?
Would you adopt me? Please?
I want to eat every single piece of food in these photos!
Anonymous said…
I wouldn't have had any problem to gulp down anything of that :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Diane S said…
Oh wow that German cake is making my mouth water. You are always so busy and you achieve so much. Hope you are well. Have a good week, Diane
that jam looks yummy. and even though i'm not a chocolate person, so does that cake.