A Chow Chow on the Stairs

 We went to my daughter's yesterday for dinner and Winnie decided to play on her new stairs.

 She could sit there and look right down on us eating at the center island.

 A bird's eye view.

 There is just something about chow chows on stairs.  Their full 'chowness' comes out.

This is another things she won't be able to do much longer.  I'd hate to have to call the firemen to remove that giant head from the rungs!


Valerie said…
Gosh, she is getting so BIG! And beautiful, too! Watch out, bad kitties, there's a new sheriff in town!
Megs said…
You can see she will be an impressive dog! But, what a sweet puppy!
Susan said…
She looks like a little lion! And such control! Mine would be glued to your knees, the heck with a bird's eye view!
You're too cute, Winnie -- TOO CUTE!
Winnie is just so cute!
Anonymous said…
:-) So cute!

Have a great day!

Rain said…
So happy she loves the stairs now! Jack does the same, he perches himself on the stairs while we eat so he can see everything that's going on in case he misses out on something. :)
I would worry myself sick that her cute little head would get stuck. but she looks cute doing it.
Linda said…
I would hate to see all that hair oiled down to release her.
she is a cutie.
Rue said…
Oh she is growing so much already! Sweet, curious girl!