Gable Cottage

Our little party at my daughter's place was such fun.  There is still lots of work to be done at her place but I thought I would give you a peak of a few finished areas.  This is her new front door.  Quite the door knocker, eh?
A bit of the food I served.  The friends we were entertaining were not here for Xmas or the New Year's party so I made them a few kringles.  I also baked some peppermint brownies.

 I made a lot of different finger sandwiches.

 There were cucumber, watercress and cream cheese sandwiches along with egg salad and Asian chicken salad.

 I even made Polish zapiekanka which is Polish pizza.  Everyone really enjoyed that.

 There is a nice new balcony off of this bedroom but the railings have not been installed yet and it is covered with feet of snow right now.  They will be using it a lot because there is a fabulous view from it.

 My daughter took down her Xmas decorations and replaced them with Valentine's Day decorations on her tree.  She is stretching out the holidays.  What can I say?  She's my daughter!

 Her living room is small but it has high ceilings so it is quite a comfortable room.  The outside will be completed when the weather warms up and it will be going through quite a transformation. I will post pics of the progress as it happens.


Megs said…
What a beautiful home! Love the Valentine tree. Yes, you can tell, she’s your daughter.
And I love the door- the paint color is so good, accenting that jaw-dropping door knocker.
The food looks terrific, too. I don’t think I’ve seen the Polish pizzas. What a great housewarming!
Susan said…
What a transformation! The color scheme is cosy and sophisticated at the same time! Did Winnie attend the girls ‘ party or the boys’?
Linda said…
I love it all. If you decorated it just right, you could have the tree with no changes for Valentines...all red for Christmas. lol...thinking of simplicity for my purposes. I love the trim and bullseye corner blocks. I have those in my house, too....such character and weight to the room.
What a warm and welcoming space! I want to see a close-up of that door knocker. It looks like you swiped it off some ancient Polish palace or something?
Oh, it just occurred to me to click on the photo right now and embiggen it. It's a big Green Man! Not the slavic double-headed eagle type thing I suspected. Still a good choice!
Guillaume said…
it looks gorgeous and you got me hungry again!
what a charming place. and what a lovely tree for valentines day. the food looks delicous.