Goodbye Snow

 We are home again and missing the snow!

 We are supposed to get some today but then it will be 50 degrees on Wednesday.  I need a lot more winter!

 So does Winnie.  She had so much fun in the snow up north.

 I think she misses all of that snow too.

However it will be an exciting Spring and Summer for her this year.  She doesn't even realize that she has some wonderful gardens to explore out there.


Winnie certainly is wearing the right coat for the snow.
NanaDiana said…
Brrrr...I would LOVE to send you a few semi-trucks full of snow from here. You're welcome. xo Diana
Winnie looks SO cute riding in the back seat!
Anonymous said…
Just imagine how she will react when she understand how much fun there is outside Your house :-) :-) Ponds and a creek and more or less an entire forest :-)

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
What? Going already?
you are welcome to have some of my snow. but you better be quick i understand it will all melt by friday with higher temps on the horizon.
chickpea678 said…
I love winnie’s big fluffy head!