Italian Wedding Soup

 We are back to winter here so it is soup time.  This Italian wedding soup is everyone's favorite.  You can find the step by step recipe here:

 Yesterday's visit with The Blog Tech.  These visits are short because he is on his way to work.  Winnie takes advantage of every minute.

 One of the funniest things is to watch Winnie eat her treats.  I make these biscuits very crunchy and right now she has no side teeth.  Her baby teeth have fallen out and her new ones are not in yet. She has a bit of trouble chewing these treats.

 But she loves them so very much!

 She rolls them around in her mouth until she can get a good bite.

 And then she crunches away on them.


Valerie said…
She's almost out grown her bed!
Where there's a will, there's a way!
MaryO said…
Happy, happy puppy! Love it!

Susan said…
I love the look of concentration - she does mean business!
That is so cute with her on her back. She has gotten bigger. Time to get a bed she can grow into.
Rain said…
OMG Joyce...I just laughed so much out of pure cuteness! Love Winnie!!!
Guillaume said…
I love Italian food, soup and Italian soup.
the soup sounds good indeed. winnie is doing great for a pup with no teeth.
Jim said…
Winnie is the cutest!!
The soup isn't bad either!!
Kay said…
We used to always order that at Olive Garden and loved it.