It's 2018 and We Have Snow

 Happy New Year from me and my mama!

 I think we are going to have a very good year this year.

I have so much to learn and explore and I am ready!  I have my first big party to go to today and I am very excited to meet everyone.  I hope everyone likes me!


Everyone will LOVE you,Winnie. Happy New Puppy Year!
Anonymous said…
Anyone who wouldn't fall in love with a cute bear looking puppy wouldn't be worth knowing :-) Of course they'll love You :-)

Have a good continuing of the new year!

wisps of words said…
"I have so much to learn and explore and I am ready!"

Happy New Year, Little One. This line is so perfect for you.

But it should be perfect, for everyone. No matter how "new" or "old" we are, we would be Wise to face the coming year, with the desire to learn, and explore. And to feel, we are ready!
Rain said…
Happy New Year little sweetie!!! :) I love the snow on your nose, enjoy your party, be gracious and sweet!! :)
Susan said…
I bet her feet never touch the ground! Happy New Year - the Year of Winnie!
So cute!! Happy New Year!!
Happy New Year to Winnie! And oh yeah, to everyone else too!
Valerie said…
Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best for 2018! And ALL the puppy kisses!
Guillaume said…
Happy new year and enjoy the snow!
Megs said…
Happy New Year, Sweetie! It will be a great one!
MaryO said…
Happy New Year dear one. I hope you, your mama, dada and siblings share in a most joyous and happy New Year.
Anyone who doesn't cotton to you must not have any heart at all. Much love,
What's not to love Winnie. Happy New Year to you and your mama too.