There is a big game here on Sunday and all of my guys are going so I decided to invite all of the girls to my daughter's place to watch it.  None of them have seen her place since the redo so this is perfect timing.  I thought it would be fun to make Danish Smorrebrod for everyone to munch on.  Smorrebrod are Danish sandwiches. Some of the women are picky eaters so this will provide something for everyone.  Though simple to make, it does take days of preparing all of the components.  This is egg salad for some of the sandwiches.

 I made Rodkal which is pickled red cabbage and oh boy is this stuff good!

 I baked a loaf of walnut bread, which is not typical, but I thought it would make some good sandwiches.  I also made rye and sourdough.

 This is a spinach spread which will be the base of some sandwiches.

 Danish remoulade sauce is a must.

 This is a boiled sauce.....

 that is added to boiled potatoes and carrots and mixed with celery, onion, parsley and relish (ramp relish).....

...and mixed together to create Kartoffelsalat, Danish potato salad which also goes on the sandwiches with a piece of cheese and ham.
 Agurkersalat, Danish cucumbers to add to the sandwiches.  Today I will prepare shrimp salad and fish cakes too.  I must try to remember to take pics of the sandwiches before they are devoured.

Daily Winnie pics!  Hugging her monkey while chewing on her antler.
Dogs really don't need to talk do they?  Those eyes say it all.......'does she have a treat for me?  is she going to give me a treat?  i wonder where the treat is?'


Anonymous said…
you'll have some happy friends!!!!
NanaDiana said…
OMGOODNESS! What a wonderful feast for your the girls! They will love it, I know. I have never heard of some of these foods so it is interesting and sounds delicious! LOVE that sweet pup---the eyes say it all for sure. xo Diana
So who is the Big Game between? USA and Denmark? lol
Anonymous said…
Danish Smörrebröd are delicious! and most easily eaten with fork and knife :-) I think walnut bread is perfect now days they even use dark bread to make them. I would be surprised if they don't love them :-)

Yes those eyes says it all :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Oh, my goodness!! SOOO hungry now and it's only 10:23 a.m. for me. Those little eyes are trying to mind meld with you and talk you into getting a treat for her. All puppies are born with it.
the food looks yummy. and winnie is adorable with her monkey.