Snow Country

 It was a rather treacherous drive into snow country yesterday.  I used to live in the snow belt so I am used to driving in this kind of weather though there were cars off the road for the entire trip.

 The house we rented is lovely.  I took tons of pics but only a few came out.  I'm not sure what happened so I will take more today when the sun comes up.

 This house sits a few yards from the lake which is frozen over and there is about 10 feet of snow on the lawn.

Winnie got a Lambie Pie toy and is thoroughly enjoying it.
That is when we can get her in the house.  This is one snow loving chow chow!


Have a wonderful vacation!!! I am sure Winnie will have a blast!
wisps of words said…
Maybe Winnie should wear a beeper. Tiny her, could get lost, in alllllll that snowwwwww. :-)))))))
Have a great snow vacation. Don't let Winnie wander too far.
Enjoy all that snow, Joyce! I know you love it so much. Hey, perhaps you were a chow in a former life? That makes a lot of sense!
Anonymous said…
I really dislike driving on roads like that even if I have been every winter, it's just nasty. No snow here now though but temperature is dropping.

Have a great vacation!

Guillaume said…
Been missing the snow since I got back.
Susan said…
Lovey got the same toy from Santa! I’m having a hard time grasping why you would want to go somewhere colder - this coming from someone who has been trapped in the Arctic vortex for 7 days...
Rain said…
How nice Joyce! :) I hope you really have a nice time, and take care on those roads...too many crazies out there for me to drive too often in the snow. Winnie is so cute! :)
Barb said…
Enjoy the beautiful snow, both you and Winnie!!
Cottage Tails said…
Winnie is perfect in every way for you!
Stella has the same lamb toy.
Hope you make snow angels in all that snow.
Enjoy your break!
the house looks lovely. and i love winnies lambie toy.
Birgit said…
Happy New Year to you! :) I haven't read your blog for a while, but I missed it dearly. It's lovely that you share so many things with us.

Winnie is adorable, but now I am afraid to go back and read older posts. It's hard for me to read about losing beloved pets (I have been there quite a few times), so I am really nervous what I might read.

Anyway, stay safe in the snow!

Hugs from Germany,
Kay said…
I guess you can love the snow if you have such a beautiful, thick fur coat.