We finally got some snow!

 As you can see, my snow melt is working. It melts my entire driveway and patio.

 Winnie walked out on the clear patio, went to the snow, studied it for a few seconds and then dove in head first with utter abandon. She is a true chow chow when it comes to snow.

 It's so beautiful right after it falls.

 Having a chow chow in it makes it even better.

 She would stay out there all day if we let her.

Though she is more than happy to come in and spend some time with her boy!


NanaDiana said…
I absolutely love to watch a dog (especially a pup) in the snow. It is always fun to watch them and their antics. We have a snow storm coming tomorrow they tell me. I am over snow myself. lol xo Diana
laurie said…
looks beautiful and I know how much you wanted it,, Winnie is growing!! I see a difference in the photo ,,
Awwww! Little Winnie in the snow is so cute!
Winter Wonderland. So beautiful. Little Winnie in the snow, she looks soooooo cute!! She does love your son.
Anonymous said…
One can see how much she loves the snow :-)

They said we would have a snow storm passing by here on Monday/ Tuesday but now it's just normal wind and mostly rain instead :-) :-) They'll have time to change that prediction again several times though :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Valerie said…
Even my old dogs cavort a little in new snow. Your new dog is definitely a snow-puppy! We had heavy snow (I live in the east Cascade foothill in the PNW), then it rained--then froze--then rained. Ugh. Enjoy your fresh snowfall!
Guillaume said…
That's great! It's meant to snow here this week but I'm sceptical.
1st Man said…
YAY! Snow!!! And it's Winnie's first snow. How wonderful that she loved it so much. Gosh she is so cute.

Stay warm!!!
a puppy in the snow. what could be more perfect.