So Close Yet So Far Away

You might remember that when Winnie first came here, she loved to sleep under my coffee table.
 She no longer fits.  This makes retrieving her toys from under it very difficult.

 When I designed this table, I didn't calculate standing weight into the design.

 There is no center support but at 25 pounds, I think we are still good.

And yes, I finally pulled them out so she could play with them.  Growing up is tough.


NanaDiana said…
THAT is hysterical. I bet you were just laughing right out loud watching her. xo Diana
Anonymous said…
I couldn't but laugh when I saw Winnie on the table n:-) Good thing it could hold her weight!
It must be puzzling to be able to see the toys but not being able to reach them :-)

Have a great day!

AAHahahahaahahaaa! That is sooooo funny and cute at the same time. It's like she's trying to figure out how to get to her toys. She's probably thinking, " what is this strange magic that allows me to see but not touch my toys? I must consult with my mommy about this."
Poor Winnie! Is it hard for a girl to realize she no longer fits?
MaryO said…
growing up is tough indeed.
Susan said…
That last shot with the fluffy butt is too cute! She is such a doll!
Rain said…
Oh gosh can she can any cuter???? Silly girl! :) Mommy to the rescue lol!