The New Year's Day Groaning Board

 A Groaning Board is an English idiom for a table laden with copious amounts of food.  I thought it would be fun to create one for the New Year's party,

 I made a ham, a smoked turkey breast and meatballs for the center of the table.

 The ham was served with Jezebel sauce, i made about ten different kinds of pickles, chutneys and mustards. I baked french bread and made olive breadsticks.

I made my DIL's favorite Asian chicken salad finger sandwiches.  The disappeared fast.
I also made Kaak...street bread from Beirut. There was a large assortment of salamis and cured meats along with lots of different cheeses.
I made a yellow vanilla bean cake with marshmallow frosting and a dark chocolate cake with buttercream icing.  A big platter of Xmas cookies added to the temptation.  Winnie was in heaven with so many people in her house.  She was passed from lap to lap all night long.


Anonymous said…
amazing! A meal at your house is a multi culture experience, around the world we go! Are you tied now? I think that both you and Winnie slept well last night
Anonymous said…
I wouldn't have left the table all party long :-) :-)

Have a great day!

It must be wonderful to be invited to your house.
Sophie Laurenti said…
When I grow up I want to be just like you! Wow! You are amazing.
Kathy DAngelo said…
I love seeing your settings and presentation almost as much as I enjoy your recipes. Thank you for the wonderful pictures of your food, home, and that beautiful puppy. Happy New Year!
Susan said…
Hmmm, my invitation must have gotten lost in the mail...What a feast! That is a wonderful way to bring in the new year - it means bounty for all! I am so glad that Winnie was there to share it with you any everyone else. Have a terrific year!
Now THAT'S a Groaning Board! Happy New Year to you all!
wisps of words said…
YOu know how to throw a party!

So happy that Winnie was happy!

Happy New Year to you all!
wisps of words said…
How did Winnie do with the fireworks? Perhaps she was so tired, that she was fast asleep, and slept right through them... Or perhaps, with all the happy people around, she didn't pay attention to the popping sound.
Now that's a party feast!! I bet everyone had a great time.
Poor Winnie, being made over like she's the cutest baby girl that she ever was. I bet she was in seventh heaven with everyone awwing over her.
Happy New Year, darlin.
StrictlyMystic said…
Your side board/service area with the cakes and cookies is fantastic, but so is everything. Are the little faces in the back plates of some kind?
that is alot of food. my mouth is watering for a taste. winnie was one popular pup.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
those faces are hand carved pipe holders.
Cottage Tails said…
I bet you made your guests very happy and they all went home with full tummies.
So wonderful Winnie is such a social puppy. I'm thrilled for youxx
Joy said…
What an amazing spread! I have no idea how you do all this! ;)

Enjoy the new year!
chickpea678 said…
Wowo wowo wow! Where was our invitation?!? I’d like some DIL’s favorite Asian sandwiches. I know that’s not the real name, but I like the idea around your making your DIL’s favorite sandwiches (or even knowing or caring what her favorite sandwiches are, if you know what I mean).