Winnie and Her Monkey

 Winnie has had so much fun playing on the back porch in the snow.  It's like having a snow playpen. Yesterday she got an icicle and chewed on it forever.  The perfect teething item for a puppy cutting in new teeth.
 I have such respect for this money.  He gets bitten all day long and yet always comes back for more.

 He gets held in headlocks.

And his ears have multiple piercings.  Yet, he loves his puppy.

Winnie is a pip of a pup!


Dee said…
Winnie is so cute and growing like a weed!
Valerie said…
I just love the Winnie posts. ONe of my dogs has a mission to completely destroy all soft toys to dismantle the squeakie. He is so far victorious. Hve a lovely day!
like the snow playpen. think it's sweet winnie chewed on an icicle. good for a teething puppy for sure.
Winnie will soon outgrow that bed!
Connie said…
Around our house it's Butchy and his chicken, LOL. Once in awhile he will forget where he left it and he whines until we go on a hunt to find his chicken. It's cute how they have a favorite:)
Have a lovely day.
Winnie is growing and changing right before our very eyes. Winnie finds joy in her monkey! Snow playpen--another happy.
Rain said…
That monkey is a good friend :) We have a few of them around the house. Jack's toy is a little dog we call Mr. Curly. Poor Mr. Curly has had so many "back-alley" surgeries...but he's still Jack's best friend! :)
I stopped by for my Winnie upper. I was not disappointed.
HAHAHAA snow playpen! That's perfect. Oh, that poor monkey. So much love.
Heritage Hall said…
She just mesmerizes, doesn't she?... Awe...brave monkey...loved, but brave....
I don't dare getting a toy like that, Albin would chew it to pieces in minutes and then most likely eat it all :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Susan said…
I can't believe how much she's grown! Must be all that good living...let's hope Monkey doesn't find himself buried in the snow playpen.
Barb said…
I am so enjoying the "Winnie" posts! What a cutie she is!
She seems to be growing from post to post. Lovely little face!
carol pavlik said…
Poor monkey! Our pup had a stuffed toy that looked like roadkill. Actually could not tell what animal it was but it must have been well made because we played tug a war hundreds of times. Her favorite game. I just had to say get your toy and she got that gleam in her eye. Your Winnie photos have brought me such joy.