Winnie Is Growing

 It seems that everyone wears a hoodie or scarf that has fringe or toggles on them and Winnie chews them all.

 She sure is growing fast.  I wish I could slow her down and keep her small.

 The biggest difference is her black muzzle.  It is fading and shrinking.  This is her this morning.

Here she is the day we got her.


Anonymous said…
oh wow, it is fading, I knew it! she really is growing, all that organic chicken,,she's a beauty,, have a great day Joyce,,
Anonymous said…
It is hard to see how it's fading when looking at her day by day but now it's very obvious!
She's so cute and will always be :-)

Have a great day!

She is still too adorable for words!
You can see the difference. Also, I noticed that her puppy fat is disappearing. But who cares. She's just so sweet. That little adorable face, I want to hug it.
Linda said…
I never knew their muzzles would get lighter and smaller, but I can see it with the two pictures together.
too cute for words. you can see how she's grown.
1st Man said…
I swear that is one of the most adorable puppies I've ever seen. She looks like a character out of a Steven Spielberg movie. Or the latest cute cuddly from Star Wars. CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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