A Sunny Day

We had a sunny and very warm day and Winnie spent the most time off leash outside than she has since we got her. She was very well behaved.

 This puppy loves sticks.

 My husband piles up fallen branches and she picks out her favorite one and chews away.

I raked up leaves and she face planted right into one of the piles.
 She is also very interested in birdies!  I think she is about to have a very good Spring and Summer.  BTW...she is getting spayed on March 1st.


Anonymous said…
no snow!! thats amazing!!! She is growing so big,, March 1st,, yikes!!!! I hope you survive lol,, you'll be a nervous wreck and Winnie will be fine!!
Oh Winnie . . . but it must be done.
Susan said…
I am sure that Winnie will come through with no problem. However, I am more worried about how YOU will come through it... :) Your snow sure disappeared quickly! We had temperatures in the mid-70s on Wednesday, the five inches of snow yesterday. It was still around this morning. What a convoluted winter.
Anonymous said…
I wish that our snow could vanish like that too but with these low temperatures we have it'll take at least ten days before it can start melting away.

Winnie will have lots of birds to watch when spring arrives :-)

Have a great day!

We are in the middle of a rain fest. This morning we had a violent thunderstorm that scared the crap out of Lucy.
Winnie is so cute.
Rain said…
I think that Winnie is really going to enjoy life with you both. She's a lucky gal. I love how curious the dogs are when they're in the yard. We have three wood chewers...they dug their way past our "barriers" and got into the kindling by the fireplace yesterday while we were out, buggers!
Mary Ann said…
I will say a prayer that things go well on the 1st. She is the most charming puppy ever!!
1st Man said…
Every time I see a picture, I don't think she can get any cuter. Yet, there she is. Cuter than ever!!!