Exploring the Garden

 Each day Winnie gets a little more familiar with her garden.

 We had a warm sunny day yesterday and she slept in the sun on the patio all afternoon.

 See that little (or actually very big) puppy head coming up the steps?  It makes me so happy to have  a chow chow back in the garden, especially a really friendly one!

 She is developing the true chow chow look.

Her favorite job is helping with sticks.  Tomorrow is the big day when she gets spayed....gulp!  She has a runny nose so the vet will have to check her before surgery and determine whether she can have surgery or not.  I think she has allergies.


Anonymous said…
oh, geez that came fast,, I will be thinking of her and you,,, you won't sleep tonight!!
Winnie will be fine. Don't worry. She's getting to be a big girl now. She's so pretty. That last picture of her chewing that stick made me laugh.
Susan said…
She is blossoming into one beautiful Chow Chow! She will be fine tomorrow - have a nice glass of wine or two and keep busy. I hope the Blog Tech holds up, too.
MaryO said…
Such a beautiful dog. She'll be fine tomorrow, no worries. We'll all be waiting anxiously to hear about Winnie! I start each day by getting my Octoberfarm/Winnie "fix".

San Pedro, CA
She is really beautiful, lovely fur. Good luck tomorrow.
Guillaume said…
i love to walk in the garden.
Anonymous said…
My dogs tend to bring in new sticks to my garden so they're no help at all :-) :-)

Nasty cold and windy still here and they say it will stay for at least ten more days. Well a fire in the stove always smells nice :-)

It will all go well with the spaying but I understand if You're worried, who wouldn't be.

Have a great day!

Picking up sticks is an important job. WAY to GO winnie.