Winnie graduated yesterday with flying colors.  She starts the next level in March.  My husband, however, has been held back to repeat the course.  You can't teach old dogs new tricks!  Just kidding!

All that obedience really took it out of the mini Winnie!


Valerie said…
Such a good girl!
Awwww. That is so cute! She's such a sweetheart!
Heritage Hall said…
What a love she is .... what part of
obedience did Hubby flunk?
congratulations to winnie.
Where's her cap and gown? Ha ha ha, congrats, Winnie!
laurie said…
lol,,, I knew you were going to say that,, I just knew it,, poor husband ,,,,,lol,,
She isn't just a cute girl, She's a good girl too :-)

Have a great day!

Cottage Tails said…
clever girl Winnie xxxx
Linda said…
Maybe Winnie can give husband some pointers.
NanaDiana said…
Awww... I hope she gets a really great graduation party! xo Diana
My Grama's Soul said…
This post was too cute for words!

Winnie is not just another pretty face, she has smarts also.
Kay said…
Congratulations! What a sweetie!