Heading North

A snow storm is on the way.  These days they call them a snow event.  In any case, I can't take the chance that it will end up being rain/ice here.  I need snow!  So, this morning we are packing up the pup and heading north into the heart of the storm. 
We rented the cute cottage on the lake that we stayed at about a month ago.  They are forecast to get a foot of snow.

I'll post pics when we get there.  I think Winnie is twice the size that she was when we were last there.


Snow is always better than ice and sleet. Be careful and enjoy.
be safe. snow is better than ice. winnie and you have fun.
Anonymous said…
have a safe trip!
Susan said…
I'm hoping to be snug in my house during the storm, too. I think you're right - she looks tiny in that earlier pic! Winter is definitely Chow Chow weather!
I hope you (and Winnie) get a great big SNOW FIX!
You are so lucky to get that place again. Yes, Winnie does look bigger than the last time you were there. She sure is growing fast. Have fun and stay warm.
Anonymous said…
Most people drive away from a snow storm, You drive right in to it :-) :-) Have a wonderful time!

Guillaume said…
I love snow! Can't wait to have some here.
Rain said…
I think Winnie is really going to have fun! Enjoy! :)