In Snow Country

 We are in the midst of a big snow storm.

 Winnie takes a walk in it about every 45 minutes.

 The bed doesn't fit her like it did the last time we were here.

 Waiting patiently for dindin.

 Just back from a walk with a snow face.

And little snow legs.
 She still looks a little bit small on the big floor.

 A view of the lake.  Or not.

On the way back from another walk.  We are getting about 2 inches per hour.  I'm loving it!


NanaDiana said…
We have a good base here but it is finally sunny. I love her sweet little face...she is SOOOO cute! xo Diana
I know she's loving it too. Sweet little girl. I just love the snow. If it was just a bit colder here we would be getting some.
Cottage Tails said…
Isn't she just perfect! Wonderful that she likes the car and you can all go on snow journey's.
Guillaume said…
Lovely, lovely snow.
So happy Winnie gets to enjoy the snow--does she miss mornings with the Blogtech?
Midwest Musings said…
Wish we were having such a wonderful snowfall! Winnie is such a little doll.
Linda said…
That is a lot of snow. That much per hour would panic us Southerners.
Sounds like it is really piling up outside where you are. Winnie looks content. ENJOY!
Susan said…
I believe she is going to have to have a bed double that size. Winnie is a good reason to get out and get fresh air, every 45 minutes!
Anonymous said…
Seeing her with that bed really shows how big she is now!

Finally less cold here but we have so much snow that I think it'll stay for quite some time.

Have a fun visit in snow country :-)