Puppy Love

 My dear boy...may I sit on your lap and be showered with hugs and kisses.

 Oh yes you may Winifred, yes you may.

I love my boy.


laurie said…
Winnie is growing at super sonic speed! She's gong to be a heavy lap friend soon!
You can really see how big she's getting now! Pretty soon she'll be smothering the Blog Tech!
Anonymous said…
As said before, it really shows how much she has grown! Still just as cute though :-)

Have a great day!

Oh my, Winnie is growing so fast. She is so cute! I just love her so much!
Valerie said…
Oh, my goodness! She's really had a growth spurt it seems.
Heritage Hall said…
Winnie poses like a pro.... that is some
romance...too cute.
Rain said…
Look at that Winnie-smile in the first photo, what a sweetie! :)
Ahh, this just warms my heart
Winnie and the blog tech. The perfect duo. my goodness she's growing.
MaryO said…
She is a hunk of puppy love....still. Our kitties feel the same way about my DH. They love him to pieces!😉