Spring Cleaning

 The rain finally stopped and we started to Spring clean our upper garden.  Winnie volunteered to help.

 She is like a goat, she likes to jump.  She is always trying to get to the highest spot.

 She is very good at stick removal.

She is more than happy to chew big sticks into little pieces.  She is still subdued as she explores her new environment but I am sure she will be running around like crazy soon enough.  Chow chows are very cautious dogs.


Anonymous said…
almost brought tears, well it did when i saw the first photo, oh my gosh I thought, TEDDY!!! I hope it doesn't upset you me saying that ,,, its just the way she's standing there,, it reminded me so much of Teddy, I painted Teddy twice and looked at her a lot,, I suppose that made me very close to her lol,, anyway,,
I find it really fascinating the little idiosyncrasies of Chows, its so cool! Wanting to be high,, the fact they eat fish, and that they are so cautious,, most young dogs just blunder about, crazy crazy puppy foolishness without thinking , Chows seem so regal and disciplined, , , ,what am amazing breed of dog,, so unusual. She is a beauty,

you have no snow,, here , I'll send you some!!! I wish we could get rid of the many FEET of ours!!!
NanaDiana said…
Such a cute helper you have there! I just love her. I hope you and your helper have a good week-xo Diana
Linda said…
We all need a helper...lol. She is getting huge.
In these pictures we can see how much she has grown. She gets prettier every day.
She's earning her gourmet dog food these days!
Anonymous said…
A bit early for spring cleaning here, too much snow with a really thick crust, so thick that even I can walk on it some times :-)

Have a great day!

Cottage Tails said…
Im busy doing Autumn cleaning here, getting ready to be stuck in doors over winter. Winnie is looking like a big girl - so fast
I'll bet she was very inquisitive while y'all were cleaning. What is it with little puppies? They just love to climb on stuff.
Kay said…
Gosh! Chows are such pretty dogs. I'm so glad you have such a lovely helper again.
Guillaume said…
What? Spring already?
stick removal is an essential part of the cleanup job. good job winnie.