The Smokehouse

 I'm not sure why but we have lots of smokehouses in our area.  I suppose it has to do with hunting because we live in an area that has lots of hunters.  Hunters drop their deer off at these places to be processed and for whatever reason, deer processing = smokehouses.  I don't care what the reason for them is, I am just glad they are there. The closest one to me is a bit over an hour away and it is also my favorite one.  I headed out early on Friday to stock up.

 Peameal/Canadian bacon sans the peameal.

 Smoked turkey.

 The best bacon I've ever had.

 Amish butter, smoked cheddar, beef sticks, braunschweiger, cumberland gap sausage, smoked colby, breakfast sausages and ham.

 I bought another pork roast and some sweet Italian sausage and stuffed the roast with it.

I roasted it with carrots and potatoes for my kids.  The recipe is here:


Anonymous said…
Garry's drooling,, how embarrassing lol !!!!!!! Just kidding but yes he would be a happy man,, I bet that place smells amazing, our son smokes moose, fish and venison,, it is probably the reason you have so many smokehouses with the hunting so close,
Anonymous said…
All that smoked food looks delicious!

Over here, when the hunters have divided the meat between them (as they always hunt in hunting groups) they take care of the meat themselves unfortunately.

Have a great day!

Lots of good eating there!
Our smokehouse makes a smoked duck that is to die for. It yours ever has one, give it a try.
Kay said…
Oh gosh! It all looks so delicious.
If it wasn't for the one smokehouse/ deli in New Braunfels that we buy our meat from, David would say let's move up north. hahahahaaa! I can imagine the smorgasbord of goodies. Oh btw, I made that Pecan Pie Bundt cake. Yummy yummmmmmm!
Guillaume said…
That's a lot of smoked meat.
chickpea678 said…
Wow that all looks so good!