Uh Oh

 I was cleaning my basement yesterday, which is right off of the garden room, and when I carried some stuff out to throw away I saw this!  What???  The little booger! She was just sitting here looking out the windows.

She sits right under the cook top while I make her morning egg each day.  She watches my every move.
Here's a sourdough starter tip.  Don't miss the proof setting on your oven and hit the broil setting instead.  After more then a week of feeding and burping my starter, I killed it.  My children are lucky to have made it into their 30's!


With that adorable face, who could ever get mad at her,
Really, how could you be mad at such a cute princess? Ooopps, that's a baked starter. Never done that. I bet it smelled bad. Just to be safe, I'm waiting until the weather gets warmer before making my starter and I'm putting a sign on it for David so he doesn't throw it out like last time.
Linda said…
I have accidentally hit the wrong button so many times and burned things, including Tupperware.
Oh no, that poor starter, hahahahaha! Have a good Valentines Day and give Winnie a smooch for me.
Uh oh, if I were closer I would give you some of mine. It is doing very well....finally~. You remind me a little of myself. I can't tell you how many times I have exploded hard boiled eggs....and had to throw out the pan they were boiling in. Dangerous minds.....
Anonymous said…
I think Winnie looks beautiful on that sofa !!!!
I know you were upset when you wrecked that started but onwards and upwards,,,
Rain said…
Ha ha ha...and then they look at you as though they are thinking..."what?" LOL. She's a sweetie! Oh no, your poor proof! I often put the wrong burner on...I"m lucky I have hands left.
Anonymous said…
But she does look very cute sitting there in the sofa :-)

Too bad about the starter. It is annoying when it take some time to redo it but there are so many other delicious breads one can do :-)

Have a great day!

Oh that Winnie--she needed a better view. Starter dough looks like it has seen better days
winnie looks sweet on the couch.
Cottage Tails said…
lol looks like she is wanting her own chair now