What a Difference a Day Makes

 We had a surprising 5 inches of snow the other day.

 Winnie was thrilled.

 She ran circles around in her snow pen.

 What is it with not going through the middle?!

 She would stay out here all day if I let her.

 Winnie is a snow loving pup just like her mama.

And the next day it was all gone.  Bummer.


laurie said…
aww, poor Winnie, I wish I could send some,,
She looks so sad. Maybe there will be more soon. I can feel it in my joints. ahahahaaa.!
The snow followed you back home from the lake! That last photo is so cute!
Anonymous said…
I have loads, I can send a lot of snow to You :-) :-) She sure has the fur for cold and snowy weather!

Have a great day!

Rain said…
Aw...sorry your snow is gone! Winnie is so cute, our dogs do the same, walk the perimeter, leaving the middle all nice and white! Funny critters! :)
Winnie has a great playpen--am sure she was disappointed the snow did not last longer
Sorry to hear your snow came and went.At least winnie had a taste of it.